It is our passion to help others. Our FUN-raisers help wide varieties of non-profit organizations. Here is the “SKINNY” so your group could be rollin’ in some DIPPIN DOUGH:

Option 1:

Purchase $10 gift cards (Dip Dollars) for $8.00 each and sell them for full face value
(Please only buy what you need. Refunds are not possible.)

Option 2 (In Store – Most Popular):

  • Schedule your event directly with the manager of that exact store.
    • * Fun-raisers are typically 2 hours Monday-Thursday between 3pm – 8pm (other non-busy hours may be arranged).
  • You may hold your fun-raisers at multiple locations, but this needs to be scheduled in advance.
  • We will be more than happy to provide you with our logo or a template to promote your event. (fliers, stickers, Facebook postings, Instagram, emails, etc.)

Friendly Tip:  It is best to make very small flyers for them to give us at checkout to ensure your credit.

  • On the big day, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO in-store or immediately outside (within view) promoting of your event. Please do not solicit our customers as they are already coming to our store (this is a no-no). These sales will not be included.
  • Your supporters must inform the cashier at checkout that they are with your group. *All totals will be recorded and your organization will receive 20% of the sales you generated (minus sales tax).